I may not have found someone to love on Love Is Blind, but I discovered a love for helping women step into their power & create the life they crave! 

A little about Me! 

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But first, here's what you should know about Me.

First and foremost, I am a Survivor of sexual, verbal and physical assault. I believe many of the challenges I've endured stemmed from that experience; generational, societal and environmental programming had a lot to do with it too of course!  I am a recovering people pleaser, who had no boundaries when it came to dating & relationships, struggled with gut issues, weight challenges, & body image, and I used to work multiple unfulfilling jobs chasing money & success. Now, I am a confident boundaries setting badass, who, although still wears many hats, I LOVE what I DO! I am an entrepreneur, social influencer, podcast host, speaker and reality TV star best known for my role as a cast mate on the breakaway hit Netflix show,
Love Is Blind Season 1. (Oh my goodness, what a wild experience. I got engaged without ever seeing the person! AM I CRAZY?! LOL!)

A year prior to filming Love Is Blind is when I decided things had to change in my life. I was burnt out in my career, love life and life overall. So, I dove head first into personal development and low and behold about 10 months in, I received the call from casting, where I was pitched the concept of Love Is Blind. I said yes, and that decision, that show, was the catalyst to my greatest self love journey.

After filming wrapped, I felt like my mind was in a gajillion pieces; I grew to know someone on such a deep level so quickly (less than 7 weeks), and in one moment, it was over.  So I did what most do during challenging times: I took action that I hoped would just void out any emotions of sadness, confusion, frustration, disappointment, rejection, unworthiness, etc.  I decided to go all in on health coaching and hire a business and mindset coach to help me scale my business. 

Little did I know how much of the mindset coaching part I actually needed. 
SO MUCH HEALING and overcoming limiting beliefs! HOLY WOW!
This work is powerful!

Since working with that coach (end of 2018), I have been studying the mind: my mind & the mind overall (basically human behavior). My self love journey has consisted of inner healing modalities such as shadow work, breath work, and more simpler techniques such as meditation, yoga, reading personal development books and journaling.

Using all of the concepts, principles, and tools I've learned; I created a program called “Goddess Magic” which combines business & mindset coaching + law of attraction marketing + energetics + self love practices to improve your confidence, self love & self worth, empowering you to step into your greatness (unleashing your goddess magic), building a profitable business online!

As mentioned, the road to self-love and confidence has been an important part of my journey. I have overcome a number of personal challenges including body image insecurities and financial debt. As a survivor of sexual assault, I know how it feels to be voiceless, and have made it my mission to empower women to find their voice and step into their confidence.

I am a sought-after speaker who shares my story of overcoming personal challenges and motivates others to do the same. With over 400,000 followers on social media, I use my platform and voice to inspire others to “chase life” and make the most of where they are in their journey.

Again, my experience on Love Is Blind was the catalyst to my greatest transformation - that of my MIND. And now that I've also grown a connection with God/Universe/Source, I understand it is part of my life's purpose to teach all that I have learned to women all over the world! I believe that if I could feel this new found confidence, inner LOVE, worthiness, and expansion, that I could help other women feel this same way and empower them to fully step into their greatness! 

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