Hiiii!! My name is Kelly Chase, Business & Mindset Coach, Podcast Host, Netflix Reality TV Celeb, small town girl from "the 'Ville", and lover of life.

For years though, I was just going through the motions. Numbing myself. I figured if I was constantly hustling to make more money, that I could live a better life. Yet, it never really got any better; I was constantly in burnout, losing myself in dating & relationships, losing myself altogether. I never stopped. Never slowed down. Never took time for me. 
Until one day I decided to change that. 

In 2017, I left the 9-5 and set out on the greatest most transformative journey of my life. During this time, I filmed for Love is Blind; an extremely emotionally charged experience. The show was the catalyst for my deepest awakening. I invested in a Coach myself, where I realized my lack of self love and self worth; and then, everything changed.
Now, I am here to help other women overcome burnout, heal their past, master their self worth, scale their biz, and create their future.
I am here to guide and hold space for my client's transformation as they learn radical self love and acceptance, endure new ways of doing, feeling, being, and discover their own inner Goddess too!

"Create the Life You Crave!"


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