Hi, I'm Kelly!  
I am an IIN/AADP certified holistic health coach & ACE certified personal trainer.  Health & wellness has been a huge part of my life since I was a young girl; however, in 2015, I fell victim to a restrictive diet & an obsession with working out.  This put so much stress on my body, that I actually gained weight, compromising my hormones, thyroid, gut, nervous system, etc. With one simple concept, I was able to kickstart my metabolism & lose the weight. Since then, it's been my mission to help others! In 2017, I left my 9-5 office job to pursue health coaching full time.  In addition to eating a diet rich in nutrient dense foods, staying active and implementing more self care practices, I also found another flame inside of me.  Since the summer of 2018, after reading various personal development books & diving into business coaching podcasts, I made the decision to take my business from Health to Wealth.  Now, I believe you need to be healthy to be happy; and when you're happy, you are successful.  Therefore, ChaseLife is not just about nutrition & fitness; it embodies all aspects of your life, taking you from out-of-shape & frustrated to FIT & CONFIDENT so that you can Create the Life You Crave!

Become a Better You, ChaseLife!  


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Ashley, Creator & Founder of HUM: Hearts Uniting Mankind, offers virtual guided meditations, sound bath therapy, yoga, & creative energy healing to reduce anxiety, depression, chronic fatigue, & anguish. 

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""Become a better you, ChaseLife!""

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