5 Tips for a DIY Photoshoot

5 Tips for a Do It Yourself Photo Shoot

1) Think of a how you want your program to look, how you want it to feel, and how you want your clients to feel as they go through your program.  
Ask yourself: How do I want my program to look?  What colors will represent the program best? How do I want the program to feel? happy, fun, light, simple, peaceful, powerful, empowering, soultry, masculine or feminine, etc. 

2) Create a board on Pinterest reflecting these ideas: look & feel. For an example, check out my latest board for my Girl Chew Your Food program.  I wanted it to be girly, flirty, fun, light, pink, feminine, and celebratory.

3) Go through your closet & rooms pulling clothes & items that are in the color scheme you chose for the program.  For example, as you can see in the Pinterest board I created for Girl, Chew Your Food, the color scheme is pink, whites, and gold. So I pulled all the clothes and objects in my house that were pink, white & gold.  

4) Set your phone up using anything to get it to the right height. In my case, I placed a porcelain elephant statue on top of 3 Shakeology boxes which were stacked on a small decorative corner table.  In the event you don't have a professional/nice digital camera or a remote, you'll need to use your phone & set the self-timer.  This can be annoying as you have to continue to hit the button, but it works! 

5) Put on the apparel you pulled, do your hair & makeup, and have fun!!! 

Bonus Tip: Don't overanalyze your photos; sure some may not turn out great, and that's okay. That's why I recommend taking a few in each outfit, in same stance, and then change up pose but in the same outfit. Then change outfits, do same poses or a variety of other poses. Perhaps grab props that also go along with your theme. Again, have fun with it!

Thing is, it may not be the best quality, but the whole point is that you're doing it. You're not "waiting for the perfect time", the "perfect camera", the "perfect photographer"; you're simply taking action which means you're becoming who you want to Be. People will calibrate in your fun loving energy & will want to be a part of your life, a part of your programs. 

Are you ready for Girl, Chew Your Food
I'm having a virtual launch party for it this Thursday, January 24th at 8pm ET. Going LIVE on my personal FBK page as well as on Instagram. Cannot wait to see you there!!  Let's get fancy, wear your fave pink shirt, dress, pjs! whateve! 

It's time for fun! 


Here's more BTS footage from my shoot!  Again, take notice of the imperfections. But hey, I did it! And You can too! 


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