Eat More, Weigh Less

Eat More, Weigh Less?


"I've been working out a lot and eating healthy but I'm still struggling to lose weight..."

First, how long have you been working out 'a lot' and eating healthy? 
Second, what does "eating healthy" mean for you?
Lastly, working out a lot? What does that mean?  30 mins 6 x a week, or like an hour of cardio followed by an hour of HIIT or weights....6 x a week?  

The later?  working out waaaaaayyyy too much unless you're strategically training for the Olympics or a Bikini Comp.  
GIRL, please stop. 

You're not only overdoing it, you are (could be) doing detrimental things to your health. I know because it happened to me and I do not wish any of the consequences on anyone else. 

I restricted calories & restricted myself from eating other nutrient dense foods. 
I became obsessed with working out because that's what you did to lose weight. 

I'll be the first to admit that I've had my fair share of obsessions, addictions, fixations- all because I heard "X will make me lose weight faster".  I was frustrated, sad, angry, fkn ticked off!  

The more I restricted & the more I exercised, the more weight I either gained or just couldn't lose altogether, which made me even more infuriated.

Extreme dieting.
Obsessive exercise.
Exhaustion, but kept going because "I HAVE TO LOSE THIS WEIGHT!"

So, what did I do to finally lose the weight & stop wreaking havoc on my body? 

I ate more....and I worked out less. 

I hired a health coach to help with accountability, and I committed to the Beachbody 21 Day Fix program. Familiar with it?  If not, and if you're struggling with your weight, I HIGHLY recommend this program.  

Most often we are actually already not eating enough foods to fuel our workouts and more importantly, our metabolism.  So I encourage my clients to "reverse diet", and the Beachbody nutrition guides will help with this as they guide you to eating the right amount of the right foods for weightloss and for maintenance.  

Because of my transformation, I now offer the same program + all Beachbody programs & products to individuals like yourself.  
When you purchase a program or product from me, I am immediately assigned to you as your coach...aka NEW BESTIE! 

Beachbody is what helped me lose my weight, but more importantly I gained my confidence back which led me to pursuing my career passion as a Health & Life coach.  
That was just the beginning of my journey of personal development and I'm forever grateful.  

I now not only help hold my clients accountable, but we go deeper.   I help them create sustainable, long term results, as we dive into the mindset. 
Where else in your life do you feel that you "yoyo diet"? 
What are your biggest challenges in your career or relationship?
Where else do you "fall off the wagon" in your life? 
What story pops up for you when you tell yourself "I can't do it?" or "this is hard" or "I'll never see results" or "no one will want to work with me?" 

There is a story for You that will relate to every challenge that is preventing you from "living your best life".  I promise. 

The reason people say certain programs aren't effective is because they haven't done the inner work. Once we tap into your emotional intelligence (EQ), I promise, yoyo dieting will no longer be a thing & you'll be able to "stay on the wagon". 

We all have the power inside of us to do anything & be anyone. 
My goal is to help you overcome self doubt, limiting beliefs, challenges holding you back, challenges that keep knocking you off course, and I'm here to empower you to step into your highest power and pursue the life you've only dreamt about. 

When we "eat more"....foods, spiritual practices, movements that we love, self care exercises, personal development strategies, etc... then we will essentially "weigh less" in more low vibe foods or thoughts, no more yoyo dieting, no more doing workouts you hate, no more feeling lost, or spiritually disconnected, and absolutely no more self doubt.  

Are you ready to Eat More & Weigh Less? 

Today I eat foods that fuel me because they nourish my body; every bite I take, I send the food gratitude & I understand that this food is helping me become the best version of myself, leading me to become who I want to Be in life.

When you do the deep inner work, you too will realize that certain things you once thought you "needed" or "wanted really bad", you no longer desire them because they're not aligned with your goals, they're not aligned with your truth, and who you are & who you are becoming. 

Nourish your mind body soul with brain food & good foods. 

Organic grassfed sirloin
Peeled carrot & zucchini (makes them thinly sliced)
Handful of kale
Sauteed in coconut oil
Sprinkled in kelp seasoning, pink himalayan salt, & nutritional yeast
Garnished with 1/4 avocado & blackberries

Super simple, nutrient dense, low carb, keto, paleo, illness preventing nourishing foods! 

Love you all so much, 


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