How to Make Extra Money

Hey Girl Hey!!

You want to make some extra money?
I know I always did, guess that's why I got burnt out a couple of years ago; I was ready for something that actually lit a fire under my ass.
Ya feel me? 

Well then, how does one make extra money?  
Well that's easy... sell something. 
Meh...that sounds daunting. Let's rephrase that.
How does one make extra money without hustling?
Without feeling exhausted?
Without burnout & just giving up?

The first step is asking yourself:
"Who do I want to Be?"

When you declare this, then all actions you take must be aligned with who you want to become.  Doing this sends that positive signal to the Universe; she listens, she provides you with a abundance. 

There are times you will be challenged, and times you will be challenged to the point of defeat. At that time, you may at first think "why is this happening TO me?" but as you become more aligned, and you shift your thoughts, you will start to ask "why is this happening FOR me?" 

You'll be given a sign.
You'll have to do the deep inner work. 
You'll have to acknowledge the story that pops up when you ask this question. This is the story that can preventing you from that financial freedom. That ONE story. Or it could be several. 
But acknowledging one story, means that you're aware, and you've now entered the next level. Congratulations. 

This is the art of letting things be... letting things come as they are. 
Let it be. 
As you Be. 

As you loosen the grip on other areas of your life, joy will flow in, clients will flow in, money will flow in. 

So, how do yo make extra money? 
Loosen up your buttons, baby.
Let it be. 
As you Be. 

Money is an exchange of energy. 
It's not the end, it's the means to an end. 
Don't ever forget that. 

If your goal is to "be rich" or "make more money", 
this is when you need to ask yourself "who do I want to be?" 
Get clear.
Take action.
Pursue happiness. 


Love Always, 

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