Girl, Chew Your Food!

Girl, Chew Your Food!

I don’t have time to eat.
I never have time to eat breakfast/lunch.
I don’t eat breakfast.
I eat lunch at my desk.
I forget to eat.
Omg I like never eat a real meal-I’m lucky if I can scarf down a granola bar.
I eat all the things when I get home from work.
I’m so hungry!
Hangry. Yah I’m hangry!

Sound familiar? This You?

I was sitting at my kitchen table brain dumping ideas to call my next program while...

Writing like a maniac all the thoughts.
Scrolling the gram for inspiration.
Shoveling food in my mouth as if it was my last meal.
I don’t even know if I was breathing.
Thoughts racing.
Passion igniting.
Firecrackers bursting in my head.

Then I stopped
Took a breath
And said, “Girl, chill. Chew your food.”

And that was it... 🤯!

I realized I was doing the exact opposite of what this program is all about! We all do this. 
We are all guilty of the grind, hustling, frantically working to finish a project, running errands without bringing snacks or making time to eat, losing control of our family- children screaming, borderline anxiety attacks occurring, shoveling food in our mouths while we text, watch tv, are alone, are in uncomfortable situations, ARE STRAIGHT UP HANGRY!!

Why do we do this to ourselves?
Why do we allow this masculine energy to consume us?
Why do we want to feel this way?

We don’t.

We need to be more present especially while eating.
We need to give our food gratitude as it is a gift.
We need to slow down, acknowledge what is troubling us, breathe, face our fears, face our problems, overcome, and create a more peaceful life, a more joyous life for ourselves.....

We need to chew our food.💛

Here are some tips for slowing down:
* drink a glass of water before eating a meal
* drink a cup of (organic/grass fed) bone broth to help support your digestive system prior to eating a meal; it will also give you valuable nutrients & contribute to satiating your hunger
* go for a walk, stretch and move your body to simply calm any nerves before eating
* use chopsticks instead of a fork
* chew each bite 30-50 times which aids in digestion but also allows you to be more mindful -chewing your food more slowly
* leave your phone in another room
* enjoy cooking/preparing a meal with others & engage in conversation while eating
* eat in silence or with light music; not upbeat, highly energetic music that makes your heart race
* be mindful of the thoughts running through your head when you're about to eat - if a lot is going on, perhaps journal before eating to release. 
* try to sit in a high vibe yet peaceful place while you eat; try not to be on your phone or sitting at your desk

Hope you'll be more mindful for your next meal; and remember, girl, chew your food! 


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