What is a Money Date?

What in the world is a "Money Date"? 

Oh girl...I'm about to rock your socks! 

I was introduced to the idea of a money date just recently and let me tell you how important these dates are! 

We all need to think of our money as we do any other relationship. Therefore, we need to show our money some TLC! 
Yes, that's right. Tender. Loving. Care. 
We need to speak to money as if it were a human, perhaps our significant other, or bestie. 
You wouldn't (or shouldn't) speak down to them, so don't speak down to your money.  

We should praise, appreciate & celebrate our finances.
Money in- YAY!
Money out- THANK YOU!

When you start to celebrate & give thanks to money, it feels that energy, that positive high vibe energy.  We attract what we are, right? So if we are happy, positive, high vibe-then we're going to attract that into our life. 

So set yourself a money date. 
Light a candle.
Play some soft gentle tunes.
Get yourself some flowers.
Breathe in some essential oils. 
Pour yourself a glass of wine, have a martini, or throw some raspberries in water in a high vibe fun glass like a champagne flute.
Perhaps even make yourself a nice high vibe nutritious & delicious meal or have some good snacks on hand. 

Sounds like an amazing date right?!

Pull up your bank account, credit card statements, and create an excel or google sheets (whatever you want to use) and start filling in your "Money given to someone" & "Money received" spreadsheet. 

Yes, this can take a while at first, but you will be SO CLEAR on what you're spending, how to figure out your budget, where you need to make better decisions, and how to show the universe you're ready for more. 

Yeppers, when you know your money like you know your boyfriend (or girlfriend, husband or wife, bestie), then the universe feels that high vibe energy and wants to provide you with more. ...money. 

And that my friends is how we manifest financial freedom. 

Love Always, 

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