Increase Confidence. Self Love. Boundaries. Empowerment.
Step into Your Greatness. Create the Life You Crave.


You already have it.
It's already inside of you.
It's time now to remember.
Remember HER.
Remember who SHE is.

She who is: confident, empowered, fierce, a queen, yet soft, graceful and angelic. 
She who steps fully into the unknown: untamed, dances with fear, trusts & surrenders, plays full out, and unleashes her goddess magic.

It is my mission to share about all of the things that forever have changed my life; a conversation about returning home, an experience that has led me throughout this journey to self actualization.

Arriving in this space of radical self love & acceptance; this space of faith, trust, and surrender, has been THE most transformational shift of my life.

I look back and wonder what life would be like for me now had I had conversations like this years ago with women who had experienced the ups and downs of love, purpose, and wealth, who had triumphed and overcome.
But I didn't know that kind of success nor did I know those types of connecting empowering relationships were available for me in the beginning. 

I did everything I thought I was "supposed" to do, everything I thought I "should" be doing...
I had no boundaries when it came to relationships (intimate, family, social, work)...
Found myself in tens of thousands of dollars in debt...
Unhealthy relationship with my body...
No connection with Self, God, Source, Universe, Creator...
No purpose....just going through the motions each day...

....and it led me to burnout.

And then, a few people on the internet were placed in my life and things started to feel different. I leaned in.

I discovered mind-blowing concepts, new truths...and I dug deeper. 

With each step I took towards this refreshing new way of life, I knew it wasn't just for me; I was paving the way for women like me...

The women who choose to learn from me calibrate quickly; they consume the knowledge, integrate, and embody.

And now, it's your turn. 
I am here to teach you how to lead yourself
And in turn, show you how to lead others

 I know that you being here is not by accident. The Universe lined us up perfectly.
You are exactly where you're supposed to be. 
I am here to guide You.
Here to support You.
Here to show you a different way.
A way that will collapse time for You.

I want to share with you the wisdom that I believe will shift everything for You. 

As you release, redefine, and rise, your career/business will grow, you'll attract the relationships that you desire, and the money will flow...

I have created a beautifully expansive experience for us!

An experience I want you to show up fully for.
Invest your time and energy with me.
It's time to do what only 4% of the people are doing...

It's time to learn a new way of doing and Being that will bring you more confidence, self love, stronger boundaries, and allow you to create the life you crave.

Yes, it is possible. 
I am living proof that what you will learn in this program will change your life!

Are you ready to fully step into your power, trust yourself, and be open to do the things that make no sense at all?? 
The things that will grow you, increase your confidence, improve your self image, self love and self worth, evolve and EXPAND you, your career/business, and your bank account?

It's only up from here.
No more BS.
No more playing small.
Together, we are going all in!

I invite you to join Goddess Magic!
This mindset mastery program will help you reprogram your subconscious mind over time to help you think and act like the person you desire to be, becoming a confident, empowered woman.

It's time to break the old patterns; things get to be different now! 

You are enough.
And you deserve all that you desire, too!

This program is about quantum leaping. It’s about releasing old beliefs, creating boundaries, and redefining our relationship with ourselves and success; additionally, redefining our stories around money, and understanding why our life isn't where we thought it would be by now. 
I believe just by being in this new energy, this new way of thinking, believing, behaving and being, that your ability to receive and achieve the goals, the dreams, the money, the relationships, all that you desire - everything will change. In this space it will begin to flow in. 

It's time to unleash your Goddess Magic!


what others are saying about Goddess Magic…

Cass Byatt
Self Love & Empowerment Coach

Goddess Magic on the surface, is words to describe a program and what we have inside of us. Underneath it is more than words. It's a bond shared with a small group of women who have walked different paths in life but all lead to the same place, a community where you can be your true self. Goddess Magic is just that, with Kelly Chase leading it and being your #1 cheerleader, you release your inner Goddess. Let all the good and bad parts shine through and be in a safe space to do it. The major thing I learned was being put in situations and understanding I can't change the people, but with patience, grace and gratitude, I can change how I respond. This is something I have now chosen to practice personally and also in my coaching business, it is simply that - a practice. The more I work on myself using these 3 fundamentals I know personally and in my coaching it will open even bigger doors. Then squeezing through one. We can't expect things to happen overnight so Kelly gives you the tools for you to use; it is up to us to use them.

Allison Doucet
Journey with A Coaching

Being a part of Goddess Magic allowed me to dive deeper into my feelings and emotions and see what was holding me back. It allowed me to break down walls and fall in love with myself more than I thought I could. If it wasn't for this course, the girls I met, and Kelly's encouragement, I would still be in a sticky situation with my ex, going back and forth.

But because of Goddess Magic, I was able to let it go and spend more time on me.

So thankful for this course!

Jennifer Lewis
Health Coach

The Goddess Magic program brought awareness to the power I hold. I had a huge breakthrough with not having to think I had to please everyone and to honor my boundaries and that being by yourself is great. Three years of pain trapped inside me was brought out and conquered. I have shared such a bond with the amazing women that have joined that I can see as life long friends. Kelly Chase is inspiring and will help you bring out the goddess magic within you. Tears were shed, but that only brought out the sun in everyone. My attitude and awareness of everything in day-to-day life I can thank Kelly Chase for. I am more aware of what is needed for me and my magic to be the best version of myself, for myself.

Jenny S.
Life Coach

Kelly helped me reinstate boundaries that I once had in place but had somehow let fall away. Through weekly homework assignments and live calls with the other girls, I learned that boundaries look different for everyone and we need to set them based on how WE want to feel, not on how others THINK we should feel. After a few short weeks with Kelly, I found myself stepping into the love I’ve always known I deserved and the strength I always knew I needed. I came to a hard realization that a love was still NOT choosing me through his actions, despite what his words might be saying to me. Being able to recognize when people in our lives aren’t showing up for us the way we need them to has been a hard lesson to learn, but I will forever be grateful for mastering the ability to recognize it and no longer stand idly by. While loving someone can be beautiful and life changing in so many ways, sometimes you just have to love yourself more to really experience the best life has to offer. I will always be thankful for Kelly and the girls for bringing this healing into my life and I highly recommend Kelly and her programs to anyone looking for a little more love.

Kirstin Schladt
Health & Mindset Coach

When identifying my experience in Goddess Magic.. I am at a loss of words. This program is truly incredible. I came into this program with my mind all over the place. One thing I have learned in Goddess Magic was that communication can improve and strengthen a relationship. A few years ago I struggled with family relationships… but with this program I have overcome my ability to open up more and the courage to face my fears. Also while being in this program, there were a group of women that I always felt safe and secure with. Kelly Chase is very supportive, well driven, and can crack you open like an egg. My time with Kelly has been the catalyst for a more positive self image and an overall improved quality of life and I would recommend her to anyone! Overall, I wouldn’t be this far along in my goals or have this much courage to push forward if it weren't for her and the women’s support.

Sarah Adams
Hairstylist/Beauty Enthusiast

Goddess Magic shifted things for me dramatically! I was late to the party, but the girls within the group never treated me any different. They took me in and encouraged me during this journey🔥. Even today we’re fabulous friends! Miss Kelly, opened the world of feminine energy to me through this program. I never heard the difference between masculine and feminine energy. Through Kelly, I learned I need to tap into my inner sexy goddess and FEMININE energy is the way to go!🥰💋 I feel more empowered and less fatigued because I’m more relaxed and less controlling of the circumstances around me. Mentally, I’m more clear and things just make more sense because I’m not overworking myself through masculinity anymore. It’s pretty fricken marvelous! I recommend this program to anyone who feels burnt out! This changed my life and I know it will change yours!💕

Valerie Powers
Yoga Instructor

Working with Kelly has helped me make some profound shifts in my life. I have finally finished my 200hr yoga teacher training and found the confidence to launch my own yoga business! I wanted to say thank you for all the help. You really brought awareness to some of the hang ups that have been keeping me from the life I want and deserve. I have become more open and vulnerable, I am able to see more clearly my limiting beliefs, and I have the courage to go after and live the life I truly want.  Most recently, I have finally met a man who isn't like the past men I have dated. I feel I have made some big breakthroughs in that area of my life. The shifts have been subtle but have improved my life drastically.  Kelly has been a wonderful coach and mentor; and I am so happy I made the decision to work with her! I will always be grateful for the tools she gave me!

Alumni of Goddess Magic have since launched online businesses, and are allowing themselves to be more visible on social media. They have let go of toxic relationships and improved relationships with loved ones. Members went on to work 1:1 with me for more intimate support and up-leveling.  They have attracted new career, business and financial opportunities, and have radically evolved into more confident, empowered women.

After completing this program, you will:

  • gain an immense amount of confidence, self love and self worth
  • learn how to build better boundaries
  • have a new found trust in yourself; giving you the confidence to make decisions aligned with your higher self
  • be on an aligned path towards your passion and purpose
  • be able to identify the limiting beliefs and cyclical behavioral patterns that have been keeping you stuck
  • have the blueprint to manifest your goals, dreams and desires into your reality
  • improve your money mindset, attracting limitless opportunities 
  • go from the "not enough" mentality to the "more than enough" mentality 
  • ditch the old ways of doing, and run your life, career/business and relationships with more fun, play and ease
  • just by being a part of the community you'll put yourself in a place that will your grow confidence, self love, and boundaries
  • be surrounded by like-minded and high-mined women who will inspire you to level up, and be constant reminder to be your most confident self
  • rise into a confident and empowered woman!

As you release, redefine and rise, your business will grow, the relationship you desire will come, and the money will flow.
Everything is connected.

What do you get when you join Goddess Magic?

  • Weekly LIVE Q&A 1:1 hot seat coaching where you can have your questions answered about career/business, relationships, money mindset, and more.
  • Lifetime access to the Goddess Magic digital course, a 12 module pre-recorded course that will help you reprogram the subconscious mind over time to help you think like the person you desire to be. Again, lifetime access so you can go back and tune in any time you're needing to level up!
  • Techniques for overcoming the limiting beliefs that are getting in your way from manifesting what you want.
  • Video lessons and journal prompts giving you the tools to have consistent 5-figure months
  • Private Goddess Magic Facebook community for 24/7 support for those random "up late at night" questions.
  • Kelly as your coach!

All of this will come together beautifully  to help you become a confident leader who does consistent five-figure months, creating massive impact.


Goddess Magic is perfect for you if you are....

  • looking to gain more confidence, self love and self worth
  • struggling with boundaries, needing some accountability 
  • feeling burnt out, struggling to find your new identity, passion and purpose
  • constantly feeling lost, rejected, stuck or disconnected
  • frustrated that your life isn't where you hoped it would be by now
  • always thinking "is this it? is this life?" 
  • craving that next level, ready to make the impact and income you desire
  • scared shitless of the unknown but you know it's gotta be better than where you are now
  • ready go all in on YOU, and manifest your desires

Before you enroll...

I have an exercise for you to do.

Place your hand on your heart and breathe in deeply. 

Ask your higher self, God, Universe, or whatever you believe in what they would have you do next?

Listen for your answer, It may come in a flash, in an instant or in a knowingness.

The one thing i'm not going to do is convince you to do this.


Take a moment to feel what it would feel like if you had the support that you're needing.

To know that you're on the right track and that you don't have to wonder or figure it all out on your own anymore.

Truth? Whatever you're feeling is the answer...

...but it doesn't mean it's not still scary or belly fluttering.

It totally is!

Let whatever you do next empower you and guide you to the more fuller expressed version of yourself.

It's normal to feel that "WTF am I doing" kind of feeling.

Feel the excitement and fear of the unknown caused by your inner being pulling you to your next level...

...And do the thing anyway.

It's time to go ALL IN, leave fear at the door, and choose YOU! It's time to step into your divine feminine and unleash your Goddess Magic!


About Kelly
Kelly Chase is an entrepreneur, social influencer, speaker and reality TV star best known for her role as a castmate on the breakaway hit Netflix show,
Love Is Blind. Audiences across the globe fell in love with Kelly for her genuine personality, unwavering confidence and her commitment to staying true to who she is. 

Kelly is the founder of the coaching program “Goddess Magic” which combines business strategy and mindset coaching to help women act like the person they desire to be, improve their confidence, and master their self-worth. 

The road to self-love and confidence has been an important part of Kelly’s journey. Kelly has overcome a number of personal challenges including body image insecurities and financial debt. As a survivor of sexual assault, Kelly knows how it feels to be voiceless, and has made it her mission to empower women to find their voice and step into their confidence.

Kelly is a sought-after speaker who shares her story of overcoming personal challenges and motivates others to do the same. With over 400,000 followers on social media, Kelly uses her platform and voice to inspire others to “chase life” and make the most of where they are in their journey.