This Exclusive 6-month Program is Designed to Help You Become the Healed Version of Yourself Who Effortlessly Attracts The One! 
It's Time to Step into Your Greatness & Unleash Your Goddess Magic!



You already have it.
It's already inside of you.
It's time now to remember.
Remember who SHE is.

She who is: confident, empowered, fierce, a Queen, yet soft, graceful, angelic, aligned, worthy & abundant AF.

She who steps fully into the unknown: unapologetic, untamed, dances with fear, trusts & surrenders, is fully open to receive, makes an impact with her unique gifts, and plays full out for her desires.


Goddess Magic Mastermind is for You if ...

  • You feel broken, disconnected, lost, stuck, burnt out, unfulfilled, rejected, unworthy, like there's something wrong with you, like you're not good enough 
  • You keep attracting the "bad boys", the "players", and emotionally unavailable men 
  • You are afraid you'll never find "the one" and you'll be alone forever
  • You have very little trust in yourself; are constantly seeking validation from others
  • You have a hard time sticking to your boundaries
  • You struggle to communicate your wants and needs, and find you "run" to avoid making anyone feel uncomfortable and awkward
  • You have little-to-no true awareness of your dating patterns, feeling more frustrated and alone when it doesn't work out
  • You are a people pleaser, over-achiever, perfectionist, workaholic, or someone who is radically stuck in the "do do do, go go go" mentality
  • You have a fear of getting hurt again, fear of rejection, fear of losing yourself, fear of being alone forever, fear of change, fear of moving on, fear of the unknown, fear of disappointment, fear of actually being happy  
  • You are tired of watching friends fall in love & get married, tired of comparing yourself, tired of being the bridesmaid and never the bride
  • You are sick of dating apps, online dating, dating in general, and wish there was an "easier way" 
  • You truly have a desire to love yourself (no matter your relationship status)
  • You are ready to show up fully for yourself, do the inner work, and are willing to put your ego aside
  • You feel this pull, this nudge from the Universe that this is IT; this is what is going to change everything for you!
  • You are ready to become the healed version of yourself who effortlessly attracts all that she desires
  • You are ready to feel confident, empowered, safe/secure, radically loved and accepted, and attract a love that lasts a lifetime

After working with me...

  • You will feel more loved, confident, worthy, and so secure in who you are 
  • You will know exactly how to attract The One
  • You will feel this new sense of sensuality; lighting up every room you walk into
  • You will wake up each day with excitement & gratitude knowing your person is on their way to you
  • You will have a new found trust in yourself; giving you the confidence to communicate your needs 
  • You will know your intentions, standards and boundaries; having clarity on what you will and will no longer accept
  • You will have radical awareness of the past relationship beliefs and behavioral patterns that have been sabotaging your love life up until now
  • As an added benefit, You will have a deeper spiritual connection, and be on aligned path towards your passion & purpose
  • You will have a new circle of like-minded, high-minded sister friends who will inspire you to level up, and be a constant reminder to be your most confident authentic self
  • You will have the tools to continue to rise into a confident and empowered woman!

Goddess Magic Mastermind (July 11th - December 30th, 2022)

  • Weekly LIVE Q&A's/Trainings via Zoom in an intimate group setting of hand selected like-minded, high-minded women 
  • Unlimited lifetime access to the Goddess Magic digital course (12+ modules, 12+ hours worth of teachings) 
  • Access to future added modules, book recommendations & other resources 
  • Access to my network of coaches, healers, specialists, and thought leaders
  • Private online community for daily support & to connect with other like minded women
  • Additionally, I will share personal dating experiences as I go through them so you're learning first-hand how I, myself, navigate & triumph challenges & obstacles in real-time

Client testimonials....

Allison D.
Journey with A Coaching

Being a part of Goddess Magic allowed me to dive deeper into my feelings and emotions and see what was holding me back. It allowed me to break down walls and fall in love with myself more than I thought I could. If it wasn't for this course, and Kelly's encouragement, I would still be in a sticky situation with my ex, going back and forth. So thankful for this course!

Sarah A.
Hairstylist/Beauty Enthusiast

I learned that tapping into my inner sexy goddess and FEMININE energy is the way to go!🥰💋 I feel more empowered and less fatigued because I’m more relaxed and less controlling of the circumstances around me. I’m more clear and things just make more sense. I recommend this program to anyone! 💕

Valerie P.
Healthcare Industry and Yoga Instructor

Goddess Magic helped me so much and I am so thankful I made the investment when I did. Kelly helped me make some profound shifts in my life. Since working with Kelly, I have become more open and vulnerable, I am able to see more clearly my limiting beliefs, found the confidence to launch my own yoga business, and I have the courage to go after the life I truly want. I want to say thank you for offering programs like Goddess Magic that help me get back to myself and step into my full power.

Jennifer L.
Corporate Employee and Health Coach

The Goddess Magic program brought awareness to the power I hold. I had a huge breakthrough with not having to think I had to please everyone, and to honor my boundaries, and that being by yourself is great. Three years of pain trapped inside me was brought out and conquered. Kelly Chase is inspiring and will help bring out the goddess magic within you.

Jenny S.
Attorney, US Airforce, Life Coach

Kelly helped me reinstate boundaries. After a few short weeks with Kelly, I found myself stepping into the love I’ve always known I deserved and the strength I always knew I needed. I will always be thankful for Kelly for bringing this healing into my life and I highly recommend Kelly and her programs.

Kirstin S.
Student and Health & Mindset Coach

Goddess magic was the BEST program I’ve ever gone through. Kelly Chase is very supportive, well driven, and can crack you open like an egg. My time with Kelly has been the catalyst for a more positive self image and an overall improved quality of life and I would recommend her to anyone! And, I just so happened to make 7k months in my coaching business and had so much more freedom! I loved it. 

As you release, redefine and rise, you will attract everything you desire!

Hi! I'm your coach, Kelly Chase! 

You probably know me best for my role as a cast mate on the breakaway hit Netflix show, Love Is Blind S1. I was the one who said "I Don't" at the altar (insert anxious smiley face, lol).  My experience on Love Is Blind was the catalyst to my greatest transformation - the journey to self love. You see, after a handful of rejections in my early years, and being a survivor of sexual assault, I spent my entire life people pleasing, seeking external love & acceptance, losing myself in every man I dated. I kept attracting guys who couldn't commit and were never fully showing up for me. I thought I was the problem; that there was something wrong with me, and that I wasn't good enough. So, I began dedicating my life to studying the mind, learning healthy relationship patterns, and unlearning everything I believed about love & worthiness up to that point. Everything began to change. I now easily & effortlessly attract emotionally connected, intelligent, mature, and honest relationships into my life. I know a huge part of my life's purpose is to teach all that I have learned to women all over the world! I know that if I can feel this new found confidence, inner LOVE, and worthiness, that I can help other women feel this same way, and effortlessly attract The One!


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