Discover what's holding you back

Does this sound like you.... 

I have a 9-5 + a side gig

and I've spent years working for someone else trying to create financial freedom. I'm ready to step out on my own, and find that freedom through entrepreneurship!

I am a brick & mortar business owner

struggling with burnout, and am ready for time & location freedom!

I am a stay at home mom

struggling to find my new identity, passion & purpose!

I am a college student

trying to decide if corporate life or entrepreneurship is best for me!

If so, then I bet that

one of these is also true...

  • you don't have the support you need. Those closest to you don't understand, and therefore say things that make you feel like you won't make it, you can't do it, and you'll never be successful.You're afraid you'll fail. 
  • you are tired of going through the motions. You're constantly feeling exhausted, everything feels daunting; overwhelm, unfulfilled, burnt out.
  • you are lacking the confidence necessary to upgrade your life. You're afraid of what others will think. You're afraid you'll be judged. You're constantly thinking: "Why would anyone want to work with Me?"

    You're ready to feel alive!
    You're ready to feel like you matter!
    You're ready to live a purpose-filled life creating the impact & income you desire!
Discover what's holding you back

From Netflix Reality TV and Leaving Her 9-5 to Growing a Profitable Business Online and Becoming Her Own CEO!

Kelly Chase is a Netflix Reality TV Celeb, a Business & Mindset Coach, Podcast Host, and Content Creator. 

She helps women master their confidence, increase self love & self-worth, and build better boundaries to create the life they crave!

Through Kelly's teachings, you will see huge improvements in your relationships, health, bank account, and career or business.  

Kelly will teach you that growing your confidence comes from the inner work, mindset shifts, and overcoming the stories we keep telling ourselves about who we are, about success and money.

Kelly is your number 1 cheerleader, empowerment guru and bestie!

She worked the 9-5 life for over 10 years, and constantly found herself feeling unfulfilled and burnt out. She knew there was more to life and in 2017 began her self discovery journey. 

Her experience on Love Is Blind was the catalyst to her greatest transformation - that of her MIND. Kelly knew she had to teach all that she had learned to women all over the world! She knew that if she could feel this new found confidence, inner LOVE, worthiness, and expansion, that she could help other women feel this same way and empower them to fully step into their greatness! 

Do you feel confident, fierce, empowered, and excited to wake up everyday?  If not, let's have a chat!

Discover what's holding you back

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