Did you lose yourself sometime between 18 years of age and where you're at now? 

I did. 

I never knew how truly unhappy I was until I realized that my life was spiraling out of control. 
Working full time + 3 part time jobs just to have extra "fun money" to live the lifestyle I always wanted. 
My form of therapy from it all was "disconnecting" on the weekends by getting white girl wasted, disrespecting myself by allowing guys to disrespect Me. 

Sundays were always the saddest of days. It was the one day I had for rest. And it was the one day I had the worst anxiety, depression, and anger. 
Anxious because I had so much to do and got nothing done,
Depressed because of the choices I made which I would just shake off ("because.. whatever, it was fun, he was hot, and whatever...") and because the work week was here again,
and Angry because I was mad at myself for doing the same thing again for the umpteenth weekend in a row.

Have you ever said "Ugh, I'm done drinking"? 
Have you ever drank so much you blacked out? 
Have you ever woke up in a guy's bed internally smacking your face?
Have you ever given into sexual pleasure because you didn't want to feel embarrassed, or didn't want the guy not to like you? 
Do you find yourself attracting the wrong guys into your life? Find yourself saying "Ugh, dating is the worst!"
Have you ever buried feelings of guilt, shame, embarrassment because it was easier to just move on and "disconnect" like I did than to actually connect to those feelings & stand up for yourself?

Have you ever Googled:
-how to get skinny?
-how to tone your arms?
-how to tone my thighs?
-fat burning foods?
-how to lose 10lbs FAST?
-what exercise will burn fat the fastest?

-Are you currently so burnt out with your career that you don't even have the effort
into looking for something better? 
-Do you currently drag yourself out of bed every morning, typically running late
because you snooze your alarm 10 times? 
-Or perhaps you're actually an early bird, are up and at 'em, knocking out your workout & daily prayer/meditations, even working on other errands, and get so caught up that you're then in panic mode rushing to get to work?
-Do you feel fulfilled at your job? 
-Do you find yourself sitting at your desk or in a meeting daydreaming of all the things you could & want to be doing instead? 

I did all of this too! 
Once I realized I couldn't live that way anymore, I began changing things up. I sacrificed social time on the weekends to explore more about what Kelly wanted & liked. I would say "no" to things that were not aligned with who I wanted to Be. 
I starting integrating all the things I never made time for: baths, journaling, reading, listening, going for a walk, taking myself on dates, going to events alone to connect with other like-minded people. 

I did the deep inner work. I overcame the stories of shame, guilt, embarrassment; I learned what behaviors were keeping me stuck.

I learned the true method of how to activate my inner joy. 

And now, I've combined all of these techniques and put them together to save you time so you don't spend years trying to figure out how to FEEL JOY again.  
I created JOY ACTIVATED! for YOU!

Did you know your relationship with yourself is the most important relationship there is? 
Did you know that many of us think, speak or act negatively towards ourselves at least once in our lifetime? 
Did you know this ONE act can create a lifetime of unhappiness, shame, guilt, burnout, hate, depression, anxiety? 

For most women, there's more than one occurrence of self neglect & body shaming. Which means you're constantly stuck in fear, guilt, shame, embarrassment, feeling unworthy, feeling lost, burnt out, unloved.
We attract how we think & act. 
Do you want to continue attracting the wrong man & the wrong friends into your life? 

Do you want to continue feeling stuck in a career you just kinda hate?

Luckily, my sweet friend, You can overcome this just as I have.
You can overcome the stories that make you feel less than who you are.
You can feel happy & joyful again.
You can feel sexy & confident again.
You can FEEL pleasure.
You have the RIGHT to feel pleasure....in your relationships, in your career or business, in your finances and in your spirituality. 
No more rejecting yourself.
As you accept yourself, others will accept you FOR YOU too!

It's time we start taking control of our lives & embodying the beautiful being we are meant to be. 
Allow me to activate this joy that's been buried in the depths of your soul crying to be released. 

It's time to 

If you're ready to OWN YOUR DAY, OWN YOUR LIFE &
start CREATING THE LIFE YOU CRAVE, this program is for YOU!

Program Details!

This is not a passive course where you watch modules & hope for the best. 

This is a LIVE + an integration based program. 
Which means we are in this together; creating
a sisterhood, a tribe, a community, a bossbabe lady gang

We are talking all the things to get you feeling sexy & confident
in your relationships & your career or business!

Activating Your Inner Joy
Learning & Integrating the Law of Attraction
Feeling Sexy & Confident with Your Partner
Orgasmic Manifestation
Igniting the Flame in Your Relationships
Mastering Your Mood
Improving Self Awareness
& Self Management
Alignment vs Hustle
Importance of Feminine Energy
Elevating Your Career/Business
Going from Burnout to Bossbabe
Overcoming Self Doubt
Pushing Past Limiting Beliefs 
Reincorporating Play Into Your Life
Importance of Gratitude & Celebration
Transitioning from Lack to Abundance
Stepping into the Divine Money Goddess that You Are
Connection vs Attention
Immediate Integration
Creating the Life You Crave


Working with me inside this container is a safe space where you'll have intimate one on one time with me to be seen & feel heard. 
We use Zoom to chat with each other weekly; and in addition, you'll have 24/7 support via WhatsApp messenger to communicate with Me as much as you need!
I'm here for you!


Let's hop on a call to ensure that JOY ACTIVATED! is the right fit for You! 
Please schedule your breakthrough call below. 


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