learn how to overcome burnout, master your self worth and your relationship with money, run your business with ease, and live each day in celebration and gratitude


Feeling stuck, burnt out?
Feel disconnected, lost, and unfulfilled?

Frustrated because you're doing all the things, and feel as though you have little to show for it?
Hustling and grinding because you know if you just work harder, you'll make more money and be successful?
Constantly spinning your wheels, thinking "what's wrong with me? what am I doing wrong? why isn't this working?"
Does everything in your business/career, and life overall just feel hard right now?

It's time to do things differently. 
It's time to learn a new way of doing and Being that makes no sense yet brings you more happiness, peace and joy! 

Yes, it is possible. 
I am living proof that what you will learn in this course will change your life!

Are you ready to fully step into your power, trust yourself, and be open to do the things that make no sense at all? 
The things that will grow you, your business and bank account?

It's only up from here.
No more BS.
No more playing small.
Together, we are going all in!

I invite you to join Money Magnet Accelerator!
This intimate container will teach you the exact methods I used to overcome burnout, and master my self worth. It's time to break the old patterns; it's time to create the IMPACT and INCOME we desire!

This program is about quantum leaping. It’s about releasing old beliefs, and redefining our relationship with celebration and success; redefining our stories around money or why our business isn’t where we thought it would be by now. 
I believe just by being in this new energy, this new way of thinking, believing, behaving and being, that your ability to receive and achieve the goals, the dreams, the clients, the
money, the relationships, the impact, all that you desire - everything will change. In this space it will begin to flow in. It's time to become a Money Magnet!


After completing this program, you'll be able to:

  • overcome burnout, and have the tools to actually Be, Do, & Have what you desire 
  • attract soul aligned clients, no more "getting" or "finding" clients. They come to you and pay you with ease
  • go from not enough to more than enough
  • identify your triggers, limiting beliefs, and cyclical behavioral patterns that have been keeping you stuck
  • have awareness of what you need
  • let go of what you don't need
  • ditch the old ways of doing, and run your life, business and relationships with more fun, play and ease
  • rise into a confident, empowered, boundary setting magical goddess boss babe

As you release, redefine and rise, your business will grow, the relationship you desire will come, and the money will flow.
Everything is connected.

What do you get when you join Money Magnet Accelerator?

  • Lifetime access to MMA, this is a self-paced digital course that you will have unlimited lifetime access to
  • Techniques for overcoming the limiting beliefs that are getting in your way
  • Video lessons, exercises, and journal prompts designed to make sure you retain and apply everything you learn
  • Facebook community support as you go through the modules

Money Magnet Accelerator is perfect for you if...

  • you are an online coach, network marketer or aspiring online coach/entrepreneur, or simply just craving more in life and looking to uplevel
  • burnt out from doing all the things in your business/career, yet never feeling ahead
  • doing everything you "should be" doing to grow your business/career, yet don't have much to show for it
  • frustrated that your business/career path isn't where you would like it to be
  • thinking "there has to be a better way"
  • you're ready to embrace the abundance you deserve
  • craving that next level, ready to make the impact and income you desire
  • ready to rise, receive and go all in on your business, relationships, life

Ready to become a Money Magnet?

one-time investment for lifetime access - $333


Digital course not for you? Looking to have more intimate eyes on your business, relationships, and life overall? 

Apply to work 1:1 with Kelly! This is is where Kelly dives deep with you on the challenges you're currently facing in your business/career/relationships; and offers clearly defined action steps, strategies, practices and modalities for running your business and relationships with more fun, flow and ease, while creating more impact and income! 


* Weekly 1:1 coaching calls via Zoom
* Unlimited messenger support
* Lifetime access to the Money Magnet Accelerator program 


I am so excited to hold space for you, your transformations, your breakdowns and breakthroughs! My mission is to help you create the life you crave!