Are you ready to become a CONFIDENT CONSCIOUS LEADER who is creating massive IMPACT?
No more treating your business like a side hustle & GO ALL IN!
It's time to make the INCOME you want & so deserve!
It's time to leave fear at the door and GO ALL IN ON YOU! 

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This course is for you if ...

  • You are a coach or aspiring online coach, network marketer, or have a side hustle in the online space
  • You feel stuck, burnt out, unfulfilled, and know you are meant for more
  • You are not making the income you thought you'd be making by now
  • You find it so hard to get and find new clients
  • You are ready to learn how to stop trading time for money and instead, make more money by working less 
  • You are a people pleaser, over-achiever, perfectionist, workaholic, or someone who is radically stuck in the "do do do, go go go" mentality
  • You have a fear of failure, fear of judgment, imposter syndrome, fear of rejection, fear of change, fear of the unknown, fear of disappointment, fear of your bigness
  • You are tired of doing all the things, yet still not making the income you thought you'd be making by now
  • You are constantly wondering if there is an "easier way" 
  • You truly have a desire to create massive impact (and income) but fear is holding you back from truly being seen
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This is a digital course you can do at your own pace, on your own time. One-time investment, with lifetime access!

Module 1: Creating Your Vision + Energetics of Business Basics: Law of Attraction Marketing 
Module 2 : Rich with Your Niche: Defining your Niche & Attracting Soul Aligned Clients
Module 3: Post-It Note Method: Creating Online Digital Courses/High Ticket Offers
Module 4: Selling Through Social Media - Social Media Audits


My time with Kelly has been the catalyst for a more positive self image and an overall improved quality of life! While working with Kelly, I made $7K in my coaching business! And now, I just have so much more freedom!  -Kirstin

Hi! I'm your coach, Kelly Chase! 

You probably know me best for my role as a cast mate on the breakaway hit Netflix show, Love Is Blind S1. I was the one who said "I Don't" at the altar (insert anxious smiley face, lol).  My experience on Love Is Blind was the catalyst to my greatest transformation - the journey to self love, to choosing Me, and with that, it's become my life's mission to help women all over the world end the stories that are holding them back, and confidently step into their greatest potential, creating massive impact & income. I know being an entrepreneur is not for everyone; but for those who are unfulfilled, tired & burnt out in their careers, being an entrepreneur is definitely the way to go to create a life of more freedom in every area. I left the 9-5 space (twice), and knew I had to GO ALL IN as an entrepreneur if I wanted to live the life I used to dream about while sitting at my unfulfilling 9-5.  So, I began dedicating my life to studying the mind, learning various strategies, and unlearning everything I believed about success & money up to that point. Everything began to change. I now run a profitable business & mindset coaching business, am a podcast host, social influencer & speaker. I wake up feeling alive, fulfilled and excited to "work" everyday!  I know a huge part of my life's purpose is to teach all that I have learned to women all over the world! I know that if I can feel this new found confidence, inner LOVE, and worthiness, that I can help other women feel this same way, and effortlessly create the life she craves!

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