12 Week Wellness Program


12 Week Wellness Program Details

* Helps you understand the importance of macronutrients & why our bodies need to eat them in balance.
* You'll learn the importance & benefits of micronutrients and the concept of bio-individuality; that no two people are exactly alike and therefore, no 1 diet works for everyone.
* I create a custom macro plan for You & your goals
* Bi-weekly live video calls to discuss any challenges, make any macro adjustments if needed, and answer any questions you may have.
* Bi-weekly modules including downloadable pdfs, video coaching by Yours Truly, documentary/films, podcast/audible recommendations, self care exercises, etc. 
* You will have 1 remote live video guided meditation with my CoCoach Ashley. 
* You'll be provided a workout guide/format (optional to follow)
‚Äč* Access to an app where you can upload progress photos, as well as communicate with me daily (if needed).

(Note: the 12 Week Wellness Program is half of the complete 24 Week Wellness Program) 
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12 Week Wellness Program


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