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My vision as a Health Coach is to see people healthy & happy.  To reach good health & true happiness, we need to have balance in our life.  To do this, we implement healthy measures to find balance with Primary Foods: Relationships, Career, Spirituality & Exercise.  I help individuals reach their goals, whether its learning about nutrition, introducing or reintroducing foods once restricted, weight loss goals, building muscle, learning how to prepare/cook foods, discovering different methods for reducing stress, etc.

I suffer(ed) with digestive issues throughout my twenties due to not eating a diet consisting of only whole foods; processed foods were definitely a part of my life for quite some time and I can honestly say or hypothesize that it's because of those foods that I experience(d) what is known as "leaky gut".   By eating a diet rich in anti-inflammatory foods (basically no gluten, dairy, processed foods), I am able to keep bloating & painful stomach aches at bay; and continue to heal my gut by eating nutrient-dense whole foods & implementing bone broth & collagen.  Stress plays a major role in gut health too; so as I continue to eat healthy, I continue to implement stress-reducing activities to my lifestyle. 

In 2015, I put extreme stress on my body when I restricted foods because I was trying to look like a bikini model. Little did I know, they actually do eat a lot of food when training.  Because I restricted my body of the various foods it needed, plus working out at least 60-120 minutes per day, my body went into starvation mode.  Anything I put in was converted to fat.  My metabolism slowed which compromised my thyroid & hormones.  I was a MESS.  I guess you could say I had an eating disorder and I didn't realize it since I was still technically eating (just not enough).  I had gained 30lbs during this time; grew frustrated, embarrassed, insecure & depressed.  

Towards the end of the year, I committed to the 21 Day Fix of Beachbody.  The nutrition guide reintroduced all of the foods I had restricted over the last year; within a matter of a couple of months, I saw a loss in weight.  I continued to commit to following the nutrition guide, continued eating more than I had in a what may have been a year.  My metabolism started functioning again.  In 2015, I was 137lbs; today I am a strong 118lbs. (I say strong as I definitely have more muscle now than I did even before my weight gain). 

Experiencing such a hardship with my physical appearance as well as my emotional/mental state, I realized this is exactly what I was put on this earth to do: help others not make the same mistake I did. I continue to do research on the effects of our metabolism & gut health (and any illness/condition for that matter).  I continue to spread the word that we need to eat. Food is Fuel.  "Food is thy medicine and medicine is thy food." - Hippocrates.

Thing is though, no two people are alike and therefore, no one diet works for everyone. So that's where I come in, to support you on your journey of 'becoming a better you'.  

With my knowledge in nutrition, holistic healing approaches, and proper exercise & self care, I want to help individuals feel their best, motivate them to eat nutritious foods & be active, and guide them to find balance with their day-to-day routines.

Become a Better You, ChaseLife!  


Work With Me

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Ashley, Creator & Founder of HUM: Hearts Uniting Mankind, offers virtual guided meditations, sound bath therapy, yoga, & creative energy healing to reduce anxiety, depression, chronic fatigue, & anguish. 



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