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Do you ever find yourself saying or thinking the following?

  • I'm constantly in this go-go-go, do-do-do hustle mentality, with barely anything to show for it.
  • I thought being an entrepreneur was supposed to be fun and easy...
  • I feel so awkward asking people to buy things, or sign up to work with me...
  • I need more clients. How do I get more clients?
  • How do I get people to say "Yes!"?
  • Niche? I just want to help everyone!
  • How do I keep from comparing myself to others in the same industry as Me?
  • Showing up LIVE makes me want to poop my pants!!
  • Why would anyone care what I have to say?
  • What will my friends and family think? I fear they're going to judge me!
  • When will I start making money, REAL money in my business?
  • Selling? DM-ing people? Ewe. Sounds so icky!
  • What if I do all the things, and then this whole coaching thing just doesn't work out? What if I fail?
  • I need to go "ALL IN" on my business!
  • There has to be a better way... 

Working with Kelly 1:1

Kelly merges business strategy + mindset coaching together to assure growth in your business, and all areas of your life.  Her coaching is designed to guide and empower your expansion as you endure new ways of doing, feeling, being, as you learn radical self love and acceptance.

Kelly will teach you that growing your business does not come from strategy alone; it's the inner work, the mindset shifts, overcoming the stories we keep telling ourselves about who we are, about business and money.  Kelly will empower you to discover new ways of doing things, heal from past wounds, and create your future.

All we really want is to Be Happy.
To Be Confident.
To be Financially Stable.
To feel Empowered.
To make an Impact in this World.
To Be Loved and Accepted.

We want to do things that make us feel whole and alive!

Self Love is the foundation for all growth and expansion. It's how you create the life you crave.  You are the only person who can make this happen.
So that is where we must begin, with You. 

What does the next level look like?

When working with Kelly, you will learn the same methods, practices, strategies, and tools that Kelly used to ignite her self love journey, overcome burnout and scale her business; which in turn, will ignite a change for You that lasts a LIFETIME too! You will learn how to identify limiting beliefs and negative thought patterns, and end the cycle of toxic and repetitive habits that are sabotaging your success and happiness. 

It doesn't matter what others think you're supposed to be, what others think you're supposed to do, or how much You think you need to do to be successful and happy; I'm here to teach you an easier way, and I know you're ready for it. 


* Your business felt fun, easy and effortless. You woke up motivated each and every day!
*You were the confident and empowered leader you know you can be!
* Your life and decisions were in alignment with your goals, values and priorities. 
* You have an incredible online business that is actually generating consistent income.
* People were actually finding you, and reaching out to you, asking to work with you, enrolling in your programs, asking to be in your energy.
* You were working with soul aligned clients.
* You were honoring your boundaries in your business 
* Everything felt good, happier, peaceful, joyful!

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Kelly will help you overcome limiting beliefs and negative behavioral patterns keeping you stuck and making you play small in your business. She will help you connect to your inner self so that you can finally show up with confidence and scale your biz!

When Working with Kelly, We will address:

  • How to identify and achieve your business goals
  • How to launch your program with ease
  • Strategy for launching a program on a budget
  • How to show up with confidence online
  • The stories you tell yourself about who you are
  • The stories you tell yourself about business, success, and money
  • Unresolved issues from your past
  • Your limiting beliefs, and self sabotaging behaviors when it comes to relationships
  • Your inner critic, perfectionism and procrastination
  • Boundaries, Identify Triggers, and Let go of what's no longer serving you
What You Can Expect When Working with Kelly:
  • Weekly LIVE 60 minute Coaching Calls via Zoom
  • Complete Transformation for Your Mindset 
  • Unlimited Messenger Support Throughout the Entire Container of Working Together
  • 100% Accountability So You Can Create Expansion, Fun & Ease in your Business, and Create the Life You Crave
  • Unlimited Access to Goddess Magic, Kelly's digital course for shifting beliefs around money, success, celebration, and relationships, improving your self love and self worth
  • Community Support via Our Exclusive Facebook Group
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Hiiii!! My name is Kelly Chase, Spiritual Business & Mindset Coach, Podcast host, Reality TV Celeb, and Lover of Life.

For years though, I was just going through the motions. Numbing myself. I figured if I was constantly hustling to make more money, that I could live a better life. Yet, it never really got any better; I was constantly in burnout, losing myself in dating & relationships, losing myself altogether. I never stopped. Never slowed down. Never took time for me. 

Until one day I decided to change that. 

In 2017, I left the 9-5 and set out on the greatest most transformative journey of my life. During this time, I filmed for Love is Blind; an extremely emotionally charged experience. The show was the catalyst for my deepest awakening. I invested in a Coach myself, where I realized my lack of self love and self worth; and then, everything changed.
Now, I am here to help other women overcome burnout, heal their past, master their self worth, scale their biz, and create their future.

I am here to guide and hold space for my client's transformation as they learn radical self love and acceptance, endure new ways of doing, feeling, being, and discover their own inner Goddess too!
Working 1:1 with Kelly is perfect for the online coach or network marketing babe who is:
  • Burnt out from doing all the things, and never creating the results she wants.
  • Craving more in life.
  • Serious about improving all areas of her life: relationships, career/business, finances, health, & spirituality.
YES, I'm Ready to ChaseLife with Kelly!